Arm Lift in Turkey 

The reasons for undergoing body aesthetics or skin tightening are often essential. Some sagging issues
are challenging to overcome through exercise or therapeutic methods. Therefore, opting for an arm lift
procedure aims to eliminate sagging immediately after traditional methods fail.
Body fat accumulates in specific areas, leading to sagging. Candidates for arm lift surgery may include
those with genetic factors, obesity, signs of aging, childbirth and pregnancy effects, and unhealthy habits.
Candidates for Arm Lift Surgery:
1. Genetic Factors: Inherited factors often contribute to the appearance of sagging, affecting
individuals’ body image.
2. Obesity: Weight gain or loss can result in arm sagging due to fat accumulation or rapid weight
3. Aging: Aging leads to sagging in various body areas, prompting individuals, especially
women, to opt for arm lift procedures.
4. Childbirth and Pregnancy: Women may notice changes in their bodies after childbirth, with
sagging appearing in different areas.
5. Unhealthy Habits: Poor lifestyle habits, such as unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, or
dehydration, can lead to fat accumulation and sagging.

Skin Tightening Procedures: When performing arm lift procedures, it’s crucial to address skin tightening
to prevent post-surgery sagging. Various methods are used in Turkey, including non-surgical and surgical
1. Non-Surgical Arm Lift:

 Laser Technology: Utilizes laser technology to target and break down excess
fat, suctioned without surgical intervention.
 Vaser Technology: Utilizes advanced ultrasound technology for fat
emulsification, making it easier to remove through suction.
 Radiofrequency Energy: Targets fat areas using ultrasonic waves to melt and
eliminate fat, aiding in skin tightening.

2. Surgical Arm Lift:

 Fish-Shaped Incision: Removes excess skin from the arms through an incision
made underneath, ensuring minimal scarring.
 S-Shaped Incision: Markings resembling the letter S guide the incisions,
resulting in less visible scars.
 Extended Incision: Suitable for individuals with significant fat deposits,
involves making incisions from the chest to the elbow.

Side Effects of Arm Lift: After the procedure, patients may experience temporary bruising, swelling, or
redness, which gradually diminishes.
Post-Arm Lift Care Tips:
1. Rest for at least 15 days to avoid complications.
2. Wear compression garments for at least 3 months to achieve optimal results.
3. Avoid lifting heavy objects for two full months to prevent strain.
4. Steer clear of excessive heat to prevent arm inflammation for at least two weeks.
5. Refrain from strenuous exercise to avoid counterproductive results.
6. Minimize physical exertion to prevent significant arm issues.

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