Breast Enlargement for Women in Turkey

Breast enlargement is considered a means to enhance confidence in some women, and it is also part of
breast reconstruction for various cases. Women may opt for breast enlargement to improve their
appearance if they believe their breast size is smaller than desired or if there is asymmetry between
breasts. It can also be done to readjust breast size after pregnancy or to correct uneven breast sizes after
breast surgery for other reasons. A surgical procedure for breast enlargement is one of the methods that
may involve stitching beneath breast tissues or chest muscles. It is advisable to consult with a specialized
cosmetic surgeon to discuss potential risks and complications associated with the surgery.
Details of Breast Cosmetic Surgery for Women
There are several factors and reasons that affect the size and sagging of women’s breasts, including
smoking, repeated pregnancies, and the natural aging process. The breasts are a key element in providing
femininity and attractiveness to women, prompting many to undergo breast enlargement procedures in
Turkey, whether for augmentation, reduction, or lift.
The goal of breast enlargement in Turkey is to enhance the self-image of women who suffer from small
or sagging breasts, especially after pregnancy and childbirth. Some women may experience noticeable
differences in shape or size between their breasts.
Several factors can influence a woman’s breast size, such as breastfeeding, and sometimes, breast cancer
can cause breast sagging. It is important for women considering breast implant surgery in Turkey to know
that silicone implants used are FDA-approved and have no known links to cancer.
Breast enlargement in Turkey is a cosmetic surgical procedure aimed at changing the size and shape of
the breast for women. It involves the implantation of various types of fillers and fat grafts obtained from
the body to alter the size and shape of a woman’s breast.
The breast enlargement procedure involves placing additional material under the breast tissue by passing
it through an incision around the nipple, under the breast, through the armpit, or around the navel.
When choosing to place additional material under or above the chest muscle, various factors related to
skin thickness and the type of material used need to be considered, as well as whether the breasts need a
slight lift.
Breast enlargement in Turkey is typically an outpatient procedure, and in most cases, it is performed
under general anesthesia, lasting one to two hours.
Silicone is commonly used by breast enlargement specialists in Turkey, and it is a gel-like substance
placed inside a silicone membrane for implantation within the breast.
Key Methods Used for Breast Enlargement in Turkey:
1. Silicone Breast Enlargement:

 The breast enlargement procedure using silicone is performed under general
anesthesia, and if no skin lift is needed, it does not take much time.
 The silicone breast implant is placed according to the surgeon’s technique.

2. Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement:

 Fat transfer is a highly used method for ideal breast enlargement, transferring
fat from one area of the body to another.
 This method is suitable for those with mild breast weakness who do not want
significant enlargement.
3. Saline Solution Breast Enlargement:

 Some women may prefer a more natural-looking, drooping breast, making the
saline solution method necessary.
 This method involves a very small surgical incision and is cost-effective.

4. Filler Breast Enlargement:

 Filler injections for breast enlargement are performed after numbing the chest
 The procedure is relatively quick, with effects lasting approximately a year or

Benefits of Breast Lift and Cosmetic Surgery:
 Increase in size for small breasts, especially after aging.
 Increased prominence of the breast area to match the rest of the body and highlight
 Adjustment of the size of one breast that differs in size or shape.
 Improvement of sagging that occurs after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or aging.
 The use of high-quality medical materials approved by the FDA for breast enlargement in

Surgical Incision Site: The surgical incision site depends on factors such as breast shape, chest
circumference, length, and the surgeon’s experience, as well as the type of technique, whether it’s a lift
only or both lift and breast enlargement. Generally, the incision is made around the areola between dark
and natural-colored skin, leaving no visible scars. However, if the lift involves reducing breast size, an
additional longitudinal incision may be made under the areola to the skin fold between the chest and
It is essential that the surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Silicone material does
not affect breastfeeding or pregnancy, and the surgery does not impact nipple sensation.
There are three types of silicone implants used for breast enlargement:
1. Air or Saline-Filled Implants.
2. Silicone Material Implants.
3. Thick Silicone Implants that can be adjusted in size after implantation.
Instructions Before and During Breast Enlargement Surgery in Turkey:
Two weeks before surgery:
 If experiencing severe pain, consider taking Tylenol, and consult the doctor if taking other
 Avoid medications containing aspirin, ibuprofen, and vitamin E.
Refrain from smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages or any other pain relievers.
The provided information covers various aspects of breast enlargement for women in Turkey, including
reasons for the procedure, different methods used, benefits, and pre-operative instructions. Always
consult with a qualified medical professional for personalized advice and guidance.

One Week Before Breast Enlargement Surgery:
Ensure that all required blood tests are completed.
Day Before Breast Enlargement Surgery:
Refrain from drinking water or eating after midnight. If necessary, you can drink a small amount of water
to take medication.
Day of Breast Enlargement Surgery:
 You can shower and wash your hair in the morning.
 Avoid applying makeup, facial cosmetics, hair care products, and nail polish.
 Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing.
Duration of Breast Enlargement Surgery:
Certainly, a sensitive and important procedure like breast enlargement requires an understanding of its
execution methods. Here are some key steps:
1. Anesthesia:
 Anesthesia is the first step in any surgical procedure, especially breast enlargement. The
type of anesthesia is determined by the doctor’s assessment.
2. Incision in the Appropriate Location:
 The incision site can be under the armpit, beneath the breasts, or any suitable location for
the procedure.
3. Creating the Cavity and Inserting the Implant:
 Special devices are used under the supervision of skilled doctors. The cavity must be of
an appropriate size.
4. Closing the Surgical Incision:
 The incision is closed precisely to avoid implant displacement or any leakage.

Postoperative Tips and Instructions for Breast Enlargement:
 Rest and avoid heavy lifting and bending for at least ten days after the procedure to prevent
setbacks and negative developments.
 Regular follow-ups with the doctor are necessary, especially after a sensitive and important
procedure like breast enlargement.
 Wear specialized bras. Some individuals undergoing breast enlargement may not be aware
that wearing a bra suitable for the postoperative period is crucial.
 Comply with prescribed anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medications to ease the
postoperative phase. The focus should be on medical bras during this stage.
 Follow-up with the doctor is essential to monitor the swelling area and use medications

It’s important to note that these instructions are general guidelines, and individual experiences may vary.
Always follow the specific advice and recommendations provided by your surgeon for a successful
recovery after breast enlargement surgery.