Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) in Turkey:

The Issue of Abdominal Protrusion: Abdominal protrusion or the appearance of a belly bulge is a
prevalent problem affecting individuals both socially and functionally. It can negatively impact one’s
social, professional, psychological, and overall health. Many opt for a tummy tuck in Turkey to eliminate
excess fat and address stretch marks after pregnancy or weight loss.
Objective of a Tummy Tuck: The aim of a tummy tuck is to remove excess sagging skin in the
abdominal area, tighten the skin and muscles, achieving a more compact abdomen. It is often sought by
women post-pregnancy or those wanting to address abdominal sagging after weight loss. It’s essential to
note that a tummy tuck does not contribute to weight loss or fat reduction.
Types of Tummy Tuck Procedures:
1. Mini Tummy Tuck:

 Less complex than a full tummy tuck.
 Suitable for individuals with good abdominal muscles.
 Small incision made below the abdomen to remove excess fat and skin
without muscle tightening.

2. Full Tummy Tuck:

 Removes excess fat and skin from the lower abdomen.
 Tightens muscles along the entire abdomen.
 Repositions the navel to a new location.
 Drain tubes may be placed to filter secretions.

3. Laser-Assisted Tummy Tuck:

 Utilizes laser devices to melt localized fat beneath the abdomen.
 Stimulates collagen production for tighter skin.
 Effective for mild sagging.

Post-Tummy Tuck Follow-up Tips:
 Adhere to a suitable post-surgery diet.
 Follow doctor’s instructions and prescribed medications.
 Increase lymphatic massage sessions to reduce postoperative effects.
 Stay hydrated to compensate for lost fluids.
Follow-up After Treatment: Medical Istanbul will monitor the patient’s health post-treatment and
provide continuous support.
Is Tummy Tuck Suitable for Everyone? While a tummy tuck is not a weight-loss procedure, it can
enhance abdominal appearance after failed attempts through diet and exercise. Those with concerns about
excess fat, skin, and weakened or separated abdominal muscles often benefit from a tummy tuck.
For inquiries or appointments related to tummy tuck procedures in Turkey, contact Medical Istanbul
through direct phone calls or by submitting medical reports online.