Laser Hair Removal in Turkey

The purpose of laser hair removal is to treat hair growth and prevent its recurrence in areas of the body
where the person does not want hair to grow, for cosmetic reasons or to address excessive hair growth. In
recent years, both men and women have turned to laser treatments to remove hair from various body
areas, whether visible or hidden, including the chest, back, legs, underarms, face, upper thighs, and more.
The laser treatment prevents the regrowth of melanin cells in the skin layers and hair follicles.
Mechanism of Laser Operation:
 Laser rays target melanin cells, absorbing and breaking down hair follicles, delaying or
stopping the growth of new hair in the exposed area.
 Laser hair removal is sometimes referred to as “permanent hair removal,” although this term
is not accurate in all cases. The treatment does not guarantee absolute prevention of hair
 Most treatments help reduce the amount of noticeable hair significantly.
 This treatment is performed for cosmetic purposes only and often reduces the need for other
hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, and other time-consuming and costly
 In modern times, several methods are used for hair removal, either through laser or other
modern techniques aiming to damage the hair root and prevent its regrowth, such as using
infrared rays and other methods.
 A pre-session with the doctor is necessary before laser treatment, where the dermatologist
agrees with the patient on the areas to be treated, considering skin type, color, hair color,
thickness, and the person’s preferences.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal:
1. Long-lasting satisfactory results, stopping hair growth by about 70%.
2. Safe and free from any undesirable side effects or complications.
3. Efficient technology that is precise, quick, and does not require much time, with each pulse
taking less than a second and removing a significant amount of hair.
4. Cost-effective compared to other techniques.
5. Available for both men and women.
Importance of Laser Hair Removal:
 Safety, precision, and long-term results.
 Great effectiveness, removing about 70% of unwanted hair.
 No pain, side effects, or unwanted complications.
 Low cost compared to other techniques.
 Suitable for both women and men.
 Maintains skin smoothness.
Laser Hair Removal Techniques in Turkey:
1. IPL Technology: Suitable for all skin types, whether dark, fair, or blonde.

2. Dual Laser: Used for dark-colored skin due to its rapid penetration, not recommended for fair-
skinned or blonde individuals.

3. ND Laser: Removes a larger number of hairs in less time, suitable for those with dark skin.
It’s important to consult with a dermatologist before undergoing laser treatment to ensure its suitability
based on skin type, color, and individual preferences.

Instructions Before Laser Hair Removal:

1. Before heading to the center for laser hair removal, it is essential to follow certain instructions for
a successful outcome. Some crucial instructions include:

 Importance of conducting necessary examinations and tests to ensure your
suitability for laser hair removal.
 Ceasing the use of traditional hair removal methods for at least six weeks, as
laser treatment is a preferred method without any interference.
 Adhering to the doctor’s guidelines and instructions, as they provide important
tips to enhance results, and it is crucial for individuals to comply with them.

Mechanisms of Laser Hair Removal in Turkey:
 Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that involves directing laser rays towards hair
follicles to impact melanin cells. The laser disassembles hair follicles, preventing hair
regrowth in the treated areas without negatively affecting the skin.
 Achieving desired results without causing damage to the surrounding skin tissues requires
precision, making Turkey a leading destination for such procedures.

Stages of Laser Hair Removal in Turkey:
1. Pre-Hair Removal Stage:
 The doctor assesses the targeted area’s size, hair density, skin type, and ensures the skin is
free from dermatological diseases. Some skin conditions may lead to complications with
laser exposure, and certain skin types may not be suitable for laser treatment.
2. Preparation Stage for Hair Removal:
 Preparing for the removal session involves shaving the hair in the treatment area using a
blade, applying local anesthesia, and using a gel to aid in hair removal.
3. Hair Removal Stage:
 The laser device is used to pass over the hair follicles beneath the skin, directing laser
rays toward them. Hair follicles absorb the rays, altering the color of the hair-producing
cells. With this change, the follicle becomes incapable of producing hair.

Post-Laser Hair Removal Tips:
 After the laser hair removal procedure, some side effects such as heightened sensitivity, skin
redness, and swelling may occur. It is advisable to avoid direct sun exposure in the initial days
post-surgery. Sunscreen creams and protective clothing are recommended to prevent direct
sunlight exposure.
Post-Treatment Follow-Up Stage:
 Continuous monitoring of the patient’s health status occurs after the treatment phase. Medical
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