Golden Thread Ear Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey

Golden thread ear cosmetic surgery in Turkey is a procedure designed to modify the external shape of the
ear. The goal is to enhance the harmony between facial features and the ear, improve self-confidence,
achieve personal satisfaction with one’s overall image, and provide a more harmonious appearance.
Using threads is an alternative to non-surgical ear cosmetic procedures. The doctor plans the procedure
after the patient undergoes several examinations.
Results of these operations are impressive. Non-dissolvable gold threads, with a thickness not exceeding
0.1 mm, are used to tie and wrap around the ear cartilage, reducing its prominence. The patient undergoes
local anesthesia, and the procedure takes only a few minutes. This procedure is typically performed on
individuals aged 12 and above.
Golden Thread Technology
Golden thread technology is one of the latest techniques in cosmetic procedures, gaining widespread
popularity quickly. This technique is known for its simplicity, not requiring surgery. It can be performed
in our clinics in less than an hour, often taking around twenty minutes. The gold threads, about 0.1 mm
thick, are made of gold. The doctor inserts them under the skin, between the fat and tissues, stimulating
the production of fibers and collagen. This results in the formation of new tissues, increasing skin
thickness, improving blood circulation in the treated area, and ultimately renewing and enhancing the
Ideal Ear Shape
The ideal ear shape varies with age, ethnicity, gender, religion, and personal differences. The key is to
find harmony between facial features and the ear. The average ear height for an adult ranges from 5.5 to
6.5 cm, with a width of about 55% of the height. The natural protrusion is between two imaginary lines,
one passing through the highest point of the nose and the other through the base of the nose.
Conditions for Ear Cosmetic Surgery in Children
Children can undergo ear cosmetic surgery before reaching puberty, but they may need a repeat operation
after puberty. To undergo this surgery, children must meet certain conditions:
 The child should be at least five years old to ensure proper cartilage growth.
 The child should express their desires and preferences.
 The child should be convinced of the necessity of the procedure and not afraid of it.
 The child should be calm, cooperative, and able to communicate with the doctor.
Conditions for Ear Cosmetic Surgery in Adults
Several conditions must be met for an adult seeking ear cosmetic surgery:
 The person should be healthy and free from any illnesses.
 Realistic expectations are crucial to avoid disappointment.
 The patient should refrain from smoking before the procedure.
 The patient should be aware and certain of their desire for ear cosmetic surgery.
Ear Cosmetic Surgery with Golden Threads in Our Hospitals
Golden thread ear cosmetic surgery is one of the latest cosmetic methods, achieving remarkable results
for everyone. The procedure is simple and doesn’t require the patient to stop their daily life or work for an
extended period or spend nights in the hospital. The patient can monitor the procedure and guide the
doctor to achieve the desired thread tension. The gold threads differ from regular threads in their golden
color, easily blending with the skin and avoiding any unnatural appearance under the skin. The procedure
is quick, usually taking only a few minutes, and is performed with local anesthesia. There are no scars or
wounds, and the patient doesn’t need bandages or antibiotics. There is no pain during or after the
Post-Treatment Follow-Up Stage

We will continuously monitor the patient’s health after the treatment stage.
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