Buttock Augmentation in Turkey

Buttock augmentation procedures in Turkey have witnessed significant interest from females worldwide.
Although suitable for both genders, around 99% of women are more attracted to this procedure. The
desire for a round and prominent buttock has become a prominent symbol of femininity. Many women
seek this aesthetic appearance, and various surgical techniques are available to achieve the desired look.
Buttock Augmentation Procedure: This procedure aims to highlight and give an attractive circular
shape to the buttocks. It addresses issues like uneven proportions, asymmetry, small size, sagging, or lack
of an appealing appearance. The qualified candidates for buttock augmentation include those not
experiencing health issues that prevent such procedures.
Reasons for Buttock Augmentation:
 Improving or adjusting buttock size.
 Lifting the lower part of the buttocks.
 Reducing cellulite.
 Enhancing clothing fit.
 Adjusting body proportions.
 Boosting confidence in physical appearance.
Preparation for Buttock Augmentation: Before the procedure, patients are advised to refrain from
using aspirin or any vitamins. Smoking and alcohol should be stopped days before the operation.
Additionally, fasting for about 12 hours is required.
Types of Buttock Augmentation Procedures:
1. Silicone Butt Augmentation: Involves silicone fillers to enhance the buttocks’ appearance.
2. Autologous Fat Injection: Uses the patient’s own fat extracted from other areas of the body.
3. Buttock Augmentation with Botox: A cosmetic procedure to eliminate wrinkles in the
buttock area.

Possible Side Effects After Buttock Augmentation:
 Bruising around or on the buttocks.
 Redness around the surgical site.
 Itching or pain at the incision site.
Postoperative Tips for Safe Recovery:
 Avoid sleeping on the back for the first three days.
 Rest as much as possible during the first week.
 Avoid strenuous exercise, especially in the first month.
 Stay away from high-temperature environments.
 Follow prescribed exercises to revitalize the buttock area.
Post-treatment Communication Stage: Regular monitoring of the patient’s health status occurs after the
For appointments or inquiries about buttock augmentation in Turkey, you can contact Medical Istanbul
through direct calls or submit medical reports explaining your condition.