“Self-fat injection in Turkey

Self-fat injection in Turkey is a procedure used for individuals suffering from thinness in specific areas
of the body. The purpose is to make these thin areas more proportionate. Some people may experience
uneven thinness in certain parts of their bodies, causing their appearance to be inconsistent. For example,
a person may have an overall proportionate body but excessive thinness in the face, making it appear pale
and inconsistent with the rest of the body. Many women also face thinness in the chest or buttocks. The
injection process aims to fill these thin areas to achieve a more harmonious overall body shape.
How the Fat Injection Procedure is Done in Turkey:
1. Preparation Stage:
 The process begins with necessary preparations, including medical tests and examinations to
ensure the patient’s health.
 Discussions with a specialized doctor about the procedure, expectations, and potential
2. Anesthesia Stage:
 Local or general anesthesia is administered based on the doctor’s recommendation.
3. Preparation Stage:
 The doctor identifies the areas for fat injection.
 A small incision is made to introduce a device for spraying fluids.
4. Fluid Introduction Stage:
 A device is used to introduce a solution (saline and anesthetic) into the body area from which fat
will be extracted.
5. Fat Extraction and Purification Stage:
 Fat is suctioned from specific body areas.
 The extracted fat is purified to remove impurities and prepare it for injection.
6. Fat Re-Introduction Stage:
 Another small incision is made to reintroduce the purified fat into the targeted areas.
7. Recovery Stage:
 Patients under general anesthesia wait for awakening.
 Patients, even under local anesthesia, wait until the doctor ensures they are ready to leave the

Areas Benefited from Self-Fat Injection:
 Face areas like cheeks, chin, lower eyelids, and facial contours.
 Elimination of dark circles and a pale complexion.
 Butt enlargement.
 Breast enlargement.
 Thighs and buttocks areas.
 Arms.
 Hands: To address dark spots and tighten the skin.
Advantages of Fat Injection Procedure:
 Lower risk compared to other injection procedures since it uses the patient’s own fat.
 Rare occurrence of allergies since the fat used is extracted from the patient.
 Short procedure time, typically taking an hour.

 Short recovery period, with patients usually returning to normal activities within a couple of
 Quick appearance of results within one to two weeks.
 Addresses various cosmetic issues beyond just treating thinness.”
Please note that this is a general translation, and for medical procedures, it’s crucial to consult with a
healthcare professional for accurate information and advice tailored to your specific situation.

Key Materials Used in Injection Procedures:
1. Collagen Injections:

 Collagen is a natural protein found in bones, cartilage, skin, and tendons.
 Used to fill under-skin gaps caused by wrinkles, restoring freshness and
youthfulness to the face.
 Applied for facial injections, lip enhancement, and cheek augmentation.

2. Hyaluronic Acid Injections:

 Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the body, concentrated in soft
connective tissues like skin and lips.
 Extracted and injected into the face to support tissues, restore lost volume,
and provide elasticity and freshness.

3. Mesotherapy Injections:

 Mesotherapy involves injecting a mixture of essential vitamins, hormones,
and plant extracts.
 Aimed at repairing damaged areas, reducing wrinkles, eliminating fat, and
improving skin tone and firmness.

4. Stem Cell Injections:

 Stem cells are fundamental cells capable of continuous self-renewal and
differentiation into various cell types.
 Extracted from adipose tissue, purified, and injected to treat damaged tissues
in the body.

5. Plasma Injections:

 Plasma injections, rich in essential elements, are extracted from the patient’s
own body.
 Effective in revitalizing and firming injected areas, addressing dark circles,
and enhancing overall appearance.

6. Silicone Injections:

 Considered a risky procedure due to the potential movement of liquid silicone
within the body.
 Some cautionary recommendations advise using a type of silicone that mimics
body fat for stability.

7. Filler Injections:

 Fillers involve injecting natural, chemical, or oily substances into specific
body areas.
 Used for enlarging small areas, such as cheeks, lips, breast augmentation, and
addressing imperfections like dark circles and scars.

8. Botox Injections:

 Botox, derived from bacteria, is injected to eliminate wrinkles and relax tense
facial muscles.
 Provides a more youthful and vibrant appearance by reducing the signs of

9. Fat Injections with Stem Cell Integration:

 Fat is extracted from undesirable areas and mixed with stem cells containing
proteins and growth factors.
 Injected to remove wrinkles, dark circles, and stimulate new cell growth in the
targeted areas.

It’s crucial to note that while these procedures have cosmetic benefits, they also carry potential risks.
Consultation with qualified medical professionals is recommended before considering any cosmetic