Ear Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey:

Cosmetic ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that alters the size, position, or
proportion of the ears. The results of ear reshaping surgery vary significantly based on the desired

changes and each patient’s individual case. However, these procedures generally improve self-
confidence, especially in children and teenagers. In cases where the ears are protruding, ear pinning can

be performed to flatten them against the head. If one ear is positioned higher than the other, ear
repositioning can create the desired symmetry. Large ears can be treated individually or in conjunction
with other ear-related issues.
The process of ear cosmetic surgery in Turkey, also referred to as ear pinning or ear reshaping, is an
effective procedure for those seeking to correct congenital or cosmetic defects.
The ear cosmetic surgery is considered a relatively simple procedure and typically takes between 45
minutes to an hour. An incision is made along the natural crease of the skin where the ear attaches to the
head. In cases where there is enlargement of the ear, exceeding the natural size, cartilage and skin may be
cut to achieve the desired appearance.
Appropriate Age for Ear Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey:
The procedures for ear cosmetic surgery can begin at a young age for children who have passed the age
of four if immediate surgical intervention is needed. In some cases, children may require surgery to
reshape the ears or address structural issues that affect their appearance, leading to potential
psychological challenges. MSH Medical Center specializes in treating young children facing ear shaping
or obstruction issues, including cases of absent ear structure, falling under birth defects.
For adults and the elderly, the situation is relatively different. This type of patient requires care focused
more on cosmetic goals than health goals. Many adults seek to reduce the size of prominent ears or
restore lost symmetry to their ears.
Reasons for Ear Cosmetic Surgery:
There are several reasons that drive patients to undergo ear cosmetic surgery in Turkey, including:
 Resolving issues with excessively large ears.
 Enlarging the size of small ears.
 Improving the appearance of prominent ears.
 Correcting folding issues in the upper and lower parts of the ears.
 Addressing large clefts and wrinkles in the ears.
 Dealing with excess skin between the sides of the ears or in front of the ear opening.
 Enhancing the appearance of ears that are not proportionate to the face.
 Repairing any ear problems resulting from congenital defects or abnormalities, such as cup

Preoperative Tips for Ear Cosmetic Surgery:
Patients are advised to follow certain guidelines before undergoing ear cosmetic surgery, including:
 Smokers should quit smoking three weeks before the surgical procedure.
 Patients should discontinue the use of medications, especially aspirin, antibiotics, and herbal
medicines that may cause bleeding during the surgery.
 Patients should keep their face and body moisturized for a successful procedure.
 Following proper nutrition guidelines, avoiding salty and harmful foods, is essential.
Surgical Procedure for Ear Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey:
The surgical procedure involves the excision of a small part of the cartilage, followed by stitching the
cartilage from the back to achieve the desired result. Alternatively, the cartilage may be folded and
stitched in a stage known as “sculpting.” The surgical operations can be performed with a scalpel or laser.

The surgery requires local anesthesia for adults and general anesthesia for children. The duration of the
operation varies between surgeons, taking approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Patients can return home 2 to
3 hours after the surgery if local anesthesia is used or 4 to 5 hours if general anesthesia is applied. The
success rate varies from case to case.
There are no known adverse effects of the surgery, as it is conducted under the supervision of
experienced doctors in the field.
Ear Cosmetic Surgery with Laser:
Various ear problems necessitate appropriate cosmetic intervention. Laser otoplasty is a non-surgical
method that uses a specific type of laser, namely carbon dioxide laser. This laser is one of the most potent
types, widely used in cosmetic procedures, skin rejuvenation, and addressing skin issues. The carbon
dioxide laser effectively removes excess or drooping parts of the ear, aiming to achieve the closest
possible appearance to natural anatomy.
Ear Cosmetic Surgery with Threads in Turkey:
This non-surgical method involves using a specialized type of laser, specifically carbon dioxide laser.
This laser is one of the most potent types, widely used in cosmetic procedures, skin rejuvenation, and
addressing skin issues. The carbon dioxide laser effectively removes excess or drooping parts of the ear,
aiming to achieve the closest possible appearance to natural anatomy.

Using threads in non-surgical ear cosmetic surgery is one of the latest cosmetic techniques that has
produced remarkable, effective, and easily attainable results through simple means—all you need are
some threads! These threads have addressed all the problems faced by those who did not want to undergo
surgical procedures, offering them the opportunity to achieve their desired results with minimal effort,
pain, and cost.
The idea involves the doctor using a set of threads that do not dissolve in the skin, implanting and
stitching them in the ear under the skin and behind the ear. These threads are not only used for ear
cosmetic surgery but also for facial tightening, lifting the cheeks, and even lifting drooping or misplaced
ears. When the threads are implanted in the ear, the doctor starts by tying them in the appropriate shape
needed, wrapping them around a part of the cartilage. This makes the cartilage wrap around itself in a
specific area, reducing the prominence or size of the ear. The patient can observe the process through a
mirror and inform the doctor precisely about the degree to which the thread should be tightened to
achieve the desired result.
The procedure takes only a few minutes with the use of local anesthesia, and for children under 12 years
old, general anesthesia may be used to limit their movement. However, if the child can sit quietly, the
procedure can be done with local anesthesia.
No scars, wounds, or health problems result from this procedure as long as the threads are sterile until
they enter the ear. Ear cosmetic surgery with threads is incredibly simple, leaving no visible traces, and
your ears will appear natural. The results are immediate, allowing you to return to your normal life easily
from the next day.
Reducing the size of the ear using a thin metal rod implant:
Non-surgical ear reduction is performed under local anesthesia, using a flexible metal rod implanted
under the skin of the earlobe to pull it towards the head and correct the appearance of protruding ears.
This procedure takes less than 15 minutes and has no risks or complications.
One of the key features of this technique is that the treating doctor can precisely determine the shape of
the ear desired by the patient using a specialized metal measuring tool placed on the skin of the earlobe.
This tool is moved until the desired shape is achieved, providing results closer to the ideal shape of the
Large ear reduction surgery is part of ear cosmetic surgery in Turkey and is performed for patients with
ears protruding away from the head, known as “bat ears” or “wing ears.” It is also done for those with

oversized earlobes, causing aesthetic issues for the patient and potentially affecting their self-esteem.

The problems addressed by ear cosmetic surgery:
Ear cosmetic surgery is not done for entertainment but for specific benefits and to address certain
problems. Some of the problems include:
1. Concave Ear: This type of ear appears deformed and needs cosmetic surgery to improve its
visual appearance.
2. Small Ear: Ears that appear smaller than normal may lead to hearing problems and require
cosmetic surgery for correction.
3. Drooping Ear: Ears lacking natural wrinkles or folds can cause pain and discomfort,
necessitating cosmetic surgery.
4. Psychological Issues, Bullying, and Harassment: Ear cosmetic surgery can address
psychological problems arising from bullying or harassment due to ear appearance.

Tips for post-ear cosmetic surgery care:
1. Do not remove bandages during recovery: It’s natural to feel some itching and pain in the
ear after the surgery. This can be controlled by taking over-the-counter pain relievers, but it’s
crucial not to remove the bandages under any circumstances to achieve the desired results.
2. Take medications as instructed: Recovery speed varies from person to person, but following
medical instructions and adhering to them will lead to ideal results. Taking prescribed
medications helps prevent inflammation or infection.
3. Avoid smoking and alcohol: Patients should refrain from smoking and consuming alcoholic
beverages during the recovery period to minimize the risk of side effects. Nicotine and alcohol
can impede wound healing and recovery after surgery.
4. Use ear covers and rest: After the surgery, it’s necessary to wear ear covers for at least three
days and keep them away from any friction. Additionally, taking a week off work for
complete recovery is recommended. Avoiding exertion and direct exposure of the ears to
water is crucial.
5. Special attention to wound care: The wound requires regular cleaning and care during the
recovery period. Therefore, continuous cleansing and covering of the wound are essential. If
any changes, such as bleeding, occur, immediate consultation with the relevant doctor is

After a specified period post-surgery, the rod implant will need removal.
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